Forge was created out of a shared passion for good design. We recognized an opportunity to not only provide good work, but also facilitate a thoughtful and smooth customer experience for our clients, and theirs.

Meet Ben Stivers, Co-Founder & Creative Lead

Ben has been designing brand identities and websites for over 5 years. His clients range from coffee brands to doctors, and from non-profit organizations to start ups. His design expertise has helped businesses gain brand awareness among their audience, stand out against their competition, and scale businesses from six to seven figures in revenue. He continues to pour blood, sweat, and tears into his work and the brands he works with. 

Forge (ˈfȯrj ): verb

to create (something) strong, enduring, or successful.

Meet Mikael "Mik" Tan, Co-Founder & Web Development Lead

Mik began designing websites in 2011 during his senior year of university, from redesigning his alma mater’s sites to creating his own projects. With an eye for good design and usability, he continued to design websites for local businesses and startups. The most enjoyable part about his work is hearing clients’ excitement when they see the final project.

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